November 29, 2022

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CC stands for carbon copy whereas BCC stands for blind carbon copy. Use CC if you need to ship a duplicate of an e mail to a recipient. Use BCC if you need to ship a duplicate however cover the recipient’s e mail tackle.

CC and BCC are customary fields you’ll see in your e mail inbox. However what does CC imply anyway? What does BCC stand for? Right here we’ll reply your questions by explaining each phrases and the way you could possibly use them in your emails.

What Do CC and BCC Stand For?

CC stands for carbon copy. Equally, BCC stands for blind carbon copy. The time period “carbon copy” comes from a time earlier than electronic message. When bodily memos and letters had been used, the creator would place a bit of carbon paper between the pages to make a duplicate.

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The phrases CC and BCC carried over to the inception of email, the place you may copy or blind copy one other recipient on the message.

What Does CC Imply in Electronic mail?

To CC or carbon copy a recipient in an e mail means to ship them a duplicate of the message by inserting their e mail tackle within the CC subject. Once you achieve this, these on the “To” line can see the e-mail addresses of these on the CC line and vice versa.

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When Ought to You Use CC?

Once you ship an e mail to a recipient, you add their tackle within the “To” subject. That is the particular person the message is meant for and should even require them to take motion.

If you wish to embody one other particular person within the e mail simply to maintain them within the loop, that’s the time to make use of the CC line. This ensures the CC’d recipient understands that the e-mail is barely informative for them and doesn’t require motion.

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For instance, you may e mail a shopper with a service quote and need to copy your supervisor in order that they’re conscious of the message and the quote. That is the right time to make use of the CC subject.

You may additionally run into conditions the place somebody asks you to repeat them on an e mail which is widespread within the office. This implies they need to be stored within the loop, see the message you ship, or have it as a reference. Once more, that is when you need to use the CC subject as a substitute of the “To” line.

What Does BCC Imply in Electronic mail?

To BCC or blind carbon copy a recipient in an e mail means to repeat them on the message using the BCC field. Once you add somebody to the BCC line in an e mail, they obtain a duplicate of the message, however their email address is kept private. Because of this nobody on the “To” or CC fields can see the e-mail tackle of the particular person you blind copy on the message.

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When Ought to You Use BCC?

If it’s essential for a recipient to see an e mail, however you need to maintain their e mail tackle personal, that is the time to use BCC.

BCC field in an email

For instance, perhaps you need to e mail all your purchasers to inform them you’ll be out of the workplace for a number of days, however you don’t need your purchasers to see one another’s e mail addresses. This is a superb time to use the BCC field.

Just like our CC instance earlier, your boss or supervisor may ask you to blind copy them on an e mail you’re sending. Whereas it nonetheless signifies that the particular person needs to remain within the know along with your message, they don’t need your meant recipient (on the “To” line) to see their e mail tackle.

A key difference between BCC and CC is that it’s not simply the sphere you employ when addressing the e-mail. Which one you select determines whose e mail addresses could be seen by the opposite recipients.

And that’s the fundamentals of BCC and CC. Need to study extra? Take a look at how to add a BCC in Outlook or how to CC or BCC in Gmail.

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