November 25, 2022

Valhelsia Buildings generates a wide range of deserted buildings, ruins and dungeons in your world. It provides you one thing extra to discover within the sport and anticipate finding. Plus it’s possible you’ll come throughout some uncommon loot! Among the buildings are totally shaped houses that look just lately deserted and even nonetheless lived in with fires nonetheless blazing. Good for organising camp or starter metropolis.

Inside it’s possible you’ll discover beds and chests and perhaps even units of armor on stands.

Different buildings could also be a bit worse for put on and are beginning to crumble. You’ll nonetheless possible discover loot buried someplace even when all that’s left is a single wall.

And dungeons under have gotten an enormous overhaul with this mod. There are usually extra spawners to allow them to be far more treacherous. They’ve been utterly overrun by moss and spiderwebs however the loot could be greater than well worth the threat.

This mod requires an extra API discovered here.

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