November 26, 2022

The Mighty Ender Hen is an alternate boss to the Ender Dragon. It’s a large beast and really troublesome to kill. All you want is 8 obsidian blocks and a diamond block to spawn it by dropping an egg on the platform.

The hen will then start to spawn into a large egg made from obsidian.

It’ll take a while to hatch from that egg then prepare as a result of this hen will depart a path of destruction wherever it goes.

And this mod additionally has a good tougher boss to defeat, the Chaos Hen. You’ll be able to spawn it the identical method solely you’ll have to drop a dragon egg on the platform as an alternative.

This one seems to be related however wreaks considerably extra havoc in your world and takes longer to hatch from its protecting shell leaving you incapable of damaging it!

This mod requires a further API discovered here.

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