December 3, 2022

Easy Void World is a mod that provides a single block that acts as a portal to a tiny world with a bevy of choices to customise to your personal liking. The world begins you out in a 7×7, single-layer block with one other portal block to get you again.

From there, it’s as much as the participant to resolve easy methods to use this new world. You may maintain it as your personal storage realm and even home an ender chest there to maintain your most dear objects away from prying eyes.

You may even arrange a fascinating or crafting room to take that away out of your predominant constructing space.

The block may be expanded exponentially and you may even construct a second metropolis right here should you so select.

There are a number of limitations and dangers concerned so remember which you can’t arrange a mattress or make this world a spawn level.

And clearly since it’s a Void world you danger falling off into the good unknown.

And this mod requires a further API to run discovered here.

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