November 20, 2022

Traveller’s Boots give the wearer a major increase in pace plus some further buffs relying on the tier the participant is sporting. They arrive in 4 tiers and the primary is leather-based primarily based giving a slight pace increase. They will also be repaired with leather-based.

The subsequent degree up, MK2, is made with gold. It offers the identical pace increase but additionally gives further armor in addition to elevated step peak. You possibly can restore these with gold ingots too.

MK3 boots give a pace II increase and elevated armor safety. You’ll get the identical step peak right here however you’ll additionally discover a major change in pace in comparison with the opposite 2. These are made utilizing diamonds and repaired with the identical.

And the final tier is the quickest giving each pace increase IV in addition to leap increase II. They’re made with emeralds and could be a little bit of a danger if you happen to’re not ready for how briskly you’ll find yourself transferring! Good luck!

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