November 21, 2022

Quantum Storage is a brand new solution to retailer a large quantity of things in numerous containers. The Quantum Barrel can maintain virtually a limiteless quantity of 1 single merchandise. And you may take all of these objects out without delay or when you maintain shift and right-click, you’ll be able to take one out at a time.

There’s additionally a wide range of crates that maintain a various quantity of things relying on the tier.

The objects additionally retain throughout the crates when destroyed and you may even carry and place them them in different places as nicely.

It’s also possible to retailer an unimaginable quantity of liquids within the quantum tank. Simply drop no matter it’s in from the surface and verify the storage capability by clicking it with an empty hand.

And there are additionally Quantum Baggage in a wide range of colours. These keep in your stock and maintain a large quantity of things so it is going to increase your stock exponentially.

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