November 30, 2022

Attained Drops 2 lets you farm a wide range of objects that you just’d usually solely discover by killing mobs. This lets you tackle much less danger all through the sport and farm these things wherever! However first you’ll have to craft a soil enricher that can make the encircling grime blocks farmable.

You’ll then want to ensure the soil is vitalized by the merchandise you need to develop there. So take a bone or blaze rod or any enabled merchandise and right-click the soil to complement it.

You then’ll want vitalized seeds that are crafted utilizing soul essence dropped by mobs. Begin planting these on the vitalized soil and over time you’ll see the vines develop.

And ultimately bulbs will sprout prepared to reap!

The bulbs will be harvested utilizing silk contact or you may break the vines themselves to get the merchandise immediately!

This mod requires a further API discovered here.

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