November 23, 2022

Helpful Railroads provides some upgrades to the rail system in Minecraft. The highspeed rail ought to enable you to cowl lengthy distances at a a lot sooner tempo. It’s redstone powered and seemingly prompt as soon as the cart will get going.

There’s additionally a route rail that restricts a railway to 1 route. It’s additionally redstone powered and can stop carts from touring in opposition to the indicated arrow. These are nice for techniques that could be excessive visitors and you could need to stop others from touring the identical route on one rail.

There’s additionally an intersection rail that looks as if it ought to have been applied way back. It merely offers a rail piece that permits cross sections in your observe.

And in the event you want a railway that’s greater than prompt there’s the ender rail that teleports a cart to a desired location as soon as it passes over the observe. There’s a couple of steps to take however primarily drop a ender observe and an ender pearl on the spot you need to teleport to.

This can lock the coordinates to that rail. Then place the connecting ender rail at your required location so that they sync up!

This mod additionally requires a further API discovered here.

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