November 21, 2022

Fortunate Ores generates two forms of ores that can trigger a random occasion or merchandise to spawn when damaged. The primary one is the Mysterious Glowing Ore and may generate a optimistic or adverse occasion.

It could possibly vary from quite a lot of issues like random fish or perhaps a tree:

Or give random buffs like power or unusually floating till you might be all of a sudden dropped from an undetermined peak:

However it may additionally trigger some unfortunate issues to occur like draining your starvation bar fully.

The Eerie Glowing Ore is way the identical and has an opportunity for fortunate objects to spawn nevertheless it has a a lot greater probability to trigger some actually unfortunate issues to occur like shedding your whole objects immediately.

Or random exploding levers:

And even encasing you in glass or a number of layers of stone!

There may be one other profit to this mod that the Mysterious Ore may be smelted into Unusual Glowing Shards. These can then be crafted into new glowing instruments!

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