November 29, 2022

Glassential provides quite a lot of new glass varieties which have some neat options that ordinary glass can’t do. This mod has a regular glass block that simply seems a bit cleaner than regular Minecraft glass.

It additionally has a glass block that emits mild referred to as Luminous glass. This may supply a extra streamlined look in your properties or buildings without having torches or glowstone blocks.

There’s additionally darkish glass that stops mild from passing by means of it. This makes it very easy to have mob farms in broad daylight.

Ghostly glass will permit any entity to move by means of them nevertheless it appears to nonetheless stop enemies from coming into so that they perform as fairly nice doorways to maintain the mobs out however without having advanced buttons and precise doorways.

And theres even a redstone glass block that capabilities equally to a redstone block emanating a robust redstone sign.

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