November 23, 2022

Compressed Objects goals to make some gadgets that aren’t generally used and usually get shoved away in storage or destroyed altogether into extra aesthetically pleasing blocks. Now you possibly can take these things and make them into blocks by combining 9 of them collectively. So a stack of potatoes now appears to be like like a sack of potatoes and the identical goes for different frequent meals gadgets like beetroot, carrots and wheat!

And this mod additionally compresses cumbersome gadgets like leather-based, paper, and flint together with feathers, sugar cane and blaze rods/sticks. Use them to embellish your partitions if you would like!

However what makes it extremely helpful is that it’ll condense the standard storage of these things as effectively by permitting these blocks to stack as much as 64. This implies you’ll get 576 gadgets into one 64 block stack. So now you can retailer an enormous quantity of these things in a a lot smaller house conserving much more of your treasured storage rooms!

After which if you wish to get these things again all you might want to do is place the compressed block in any crafting grid and take the stack aside.

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