December 4, 2022

Vulcanite is a brand new ore added with this mod that goals to enhance your expertise within the Nether. The armor has extra sturdiness towards fireplace and the instruments are enhanced as properly. And all of it begins with the Vulcanite ore.

The instruments and armor are crafted in a different way than conventional instruments and armor. It’s good to begin with a base iron instrument or armor piece and use an anvil with Vulcanite nuggets to get the specified merchandise. There’s a helpful information discovered here for detailed info on how issues are crafted and used with this mod.

Then you should utilize these new instruments for quicker block breaking with a pickaxe, axe or shovel. They’ll even smelt blocks as you mine them!

And fireplace immune mobs are extra weak to those instruments as properly.

You possibly can even craft flint and vulcanite that may ignite mobs and TNT quicker as properly.

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