December 3, 2022

The Statues mod provides a sequence of miniature statues made within the likeness of all of the mobs within the recreation. They arrive in just a few tiers that change their talents. The primary tier is only ornamental and supply no actual profit apart from cute trinkets to show.

However as you enhance the tiers the perks begin displaying up. The subsequent degree up is a musical tier that causes the statues to make sounds while you work together with them however essentially the most helpful tier is the useful tier that causes the statues to dispense their respective drops while you work together with them. For instance the pig statue will drop porkchops while you click on it.

Subsequently the creeper statue will drop gunpowder.

The Zombie statues will drop rotten flesh.

And Sheep statues will drop each mutton in addition to the colour of their wool.

The Mooshroom statue is a bit totally different in that it’s going to drop a bowl of mushroom soup while you click on it with an empty bowl.

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