December 3, 2022

Additional Boats provides 3 new forms of boat upgrades to Minecraft. With this mod now you can add a chest to a ship that provides you aquatic storage transportation! Simply sneak+right-click and the chest GUI will pop up.

If you might want to transfer a number of events throughout the pond then merely craft a big boat! You’ll be able to carry as much as 4 animals, villagers or pals without delay and though it’ll be slower than regular boats it is going to be a lot simpler to maneuver entities that usually gained’t observe you throughout a stretch of water. They only have to be close to the boat and they’ll both sit in it robotically or would possibly want a mild nudge.

And the furnace boat features as a motor that runs on coal. Simply place some within the furnace by sneak+right-clicking with it in hand and have a seat. The boat will transfer by itself as long as the participant is actively sitting in it. The boat is restricted to three minutes per piece of coal however it would last more with extra coal added.

This mod means that you can craft these boats out of any accessible wooden kind within the recreation and even another mods that add further wooden blocks.

This mod requires an extra API discovered here.

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