December 3, 2022

Engineer’s instruments provides just a few helpful perks to Minecraft. The REDIA instrument combines pickaxe, axe, shovel, and shears into one multitool. You should utilize it to shear sheep and grass and leaves:

You possibly can then begin a farm with out altering instruments. Tilling soil or creating paths by sneaking whereas right-clicking is a breeze.

And if you want to take out a tree rapidly simply sneak whereas chopping and the entire thing comes crashing down.

Then head all the way down to your mine and the identical instrument will place your torches for you without having to modify to them and even have them in your hotbar.

Now that you’ve got gentle this mod offers you one other useful gizmo with Ariadne Coal that locations arrows that will help you hold observe of the place you’ve been. The arrow will place within the route you’re going through and it may be positioned on flooring and ceilings as nicely.

After which the instrument features like another pickaxe for all of your mining wants.

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