December 3, 2022

EmbellishCraft provides a bevy of recent blocks and supplies to Minecraft. With the addition of recent stones, this mod overhauls brick primarily based blocks. There appears to be an countless selection to suit anybody’s model.

You possibly can utterly redo your interiors as effectively with wallpaper blocks and new furnishings items. Plus you may sit in all of the chairs this mod provides!

And this mod makes it attainable to craft fences, slabs, stairs and strain plates with all the brand new blocks as effectively.

A neat characteristic is the flexibility to craft issues with metal. However it’s worthwhile to first make metal ingots. They’ll both be crafted with metal nuggets, or a lot simpler with the usage of the blast furnace. Simply smelt iron ingots and also you’ll get metal ingots.

And upon getting metal ingots you may mix them with the hammer to make metal plates. You then’ll be capable of craft all of the steel primarily based blocks for an actual business themed aesthetic. You possibly can even make rusty blocks!

This mod requires an extra API discovered here.

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