November 26, 2022

The Ducky Mod provides you a tiny winged protector that may observe you round and battle mobs whilst you mine. Gone are the times of worrying about zombies or creepers interrupting your digs. Simply craft a Ducky egg and fear not!

Whereas the duck recent out of the egg can suffice, this duck will assist you to extra in the event you tame it with a little bit of bread. It’ll change its look sporting blue and that’s how you realize it’s tamed. And from there it’ll observe you round and hunt down enemies close by.

What makes this mod actually neat is that this duck can change in the event you give it sure potions. You can also make an enormous ducky with a therapeutic potion. This offers it extra well being and an general extra threatening look because it’s mainly as tall as you. And if you would like you possibly can simply revert it with a weak point potion.

Fireplace Resistance will make your ducky… resistant to fireplace if that wasn’t apparent. It’ll put on a crimson hat to indicate the have an effect on is energetic.

You possibly can then give your duck swiftness, energy, and leaping potions for pace, injury and flight buffs respectively.

And if you would like it to return to regular simply give it some milk!

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