December 3, 2022

Aquaculture 2 is the comply with as much as the mod of the identical namesake. It makes an enormous enchancment to fishing in Minecraft by including a collection of upgradable rods, tons of recent fish, and a brand new ore, Neptunium.

This mod provides 3 new rods starting from iron to gold to diamond. While you craft a deal with field you’ll have the power to retailer bait and add upgrades to your rod. There’s additionally quite a lot of hooks to select from and every one will give the rod some neat perks like luck, additional sturdiness, and adjusting the way in which you solid for ranging what might be caught.

Then all that’s left is to fish!

You may even show your fish now with a fish mount.

And in case you occur to return throughout some Neptunium you’ll be able to craft a brand new set of armor and instruments!

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