Comcast Hacked! – How America’s Second Biggest ISP Got Hacked

Comcast Hacked!

The net world is buzzing with information that Comcast, America’s second largest Web Service Supplier was hacked as service got here to a standstill.

Many individuals, when attempting to go online to Comcast discovered a clean white display screen with daring pink letters saying:


sHouTz To VIRUS Warlock elul21 coll1er seven and Slacker

Was Comcast only a large goal for a hack or was this a BitTorrent revenge assault as some people have speculated?

It’s well-known that Comcast has irritated a big portion of its buyer base by going so far as banning BitTorrent site visitors and curbing the usage of the favored Peer-2-Peer networks and that this might be a type of revenge by the hackers.

There’s a lot hypothesis about who the culprits are because the prank is claimed to have been perpetrated by two younger hackers desperate to make a reputation for themselves. There are additionally rumors circulating that the group answerable for the hack beforehand focused Justin Timberlake and Hilary Duff, although this may occasionally solely be hypothesis.

There have been issues that the hackers might have accessed buyer’s e mail accounts however this does not seem to have occurred, and it might appear that the motivations of the hackers was not for any financial achieve however relatively as a sort of revenge tactic.

This highlights the obvious ease with which hackers and senders of viruses can disrupt providers. Give it some thought – if America’s second largest ISP is in danger then what does that imply for you and I?

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