LulzSec and the PBS Attack

The LulzSec hacking group has claimed accountability for current assaults on Sony and Nintendo. Nonetheless, earlier than they attacked these high-profile know-how corporations, LulzSec went after a much less apparent goal: PBS’ NewsHour web site.

Probably the most seen a part of their hack was the posting of a false story about rapper Tupac. The fabricated story said that the long-lasting hip-hop artist, who was gunned down in 1996, is definitely nonetheless alive and dwelling in New Zealand.

Along with posting the false story about Tupac on the PBS NewsWire’s web site, LulzSec additionally defaced a second web page and launched of a small set of PBS associated names and passwords. These hackers used unsophisticated instruments to hack a poorly protected content material administration system (CMS) to do their work. The defaced pages additionally included immature mocking of a really subtle “Nameless” hacker group.

Widespread causes folks hack embrace: greed, social activism and social acceptance. At first, LulzSec would possibly look like an exception to those typical hacking motives. It would not appear to be that LulzSec is acquiring cash from the stolen information, they have not offered a social agenda and their actions definitely are usually not deemed acceptable by normal society. Nonetheless, the concept of “social acceptance” would not have to incorporate all of society. It has been stated that LulzSec is just hacking for the infamy and leisure of all of it.

What was the precise cause for LulzSec gave for hacking PBS? They stated it was as a result of they did not like a televised story about WikiLeaks hacker/activist Bradley Manning that aired on PBS. In consequence, one would possibly suspect that the motivation behind LulzSec’s assaults was to achieve social acceptance amongst different hackers, perhaps even creditability within the hacking neighborhood.

These assaults might need been entertaining for LulzSec, however they’ve brought on a headache for PBS, Sony and Nintendo. We are able to, nonetheless, study one thing from these assaults. They supply a warning for web site homeowners: regardless that your benevolent web site may not have financial worth, it nonetheless stands the prospect of changing into a goal. Beginner hackers are all the time looking for out new targets to assist them acquire their quarter-hour of fame, and PBS is testomony to this.

As this hacking group, who take their identify from the world “Lulz” – a slang time period used on-line to check with laughter, continues to achieve notoriety for his or her rash of internet assaults, the world waits to see who will get the final snigger.

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