4 Awesome Cooking Hacks For Fixing Burnt Food

When you’ve been cooking for a very long time, you have in all probability skilled burning or overcooking your meals. Most cooks would simply throw it away however that is such a waste – there are many fast fixes you possibly can attempt to salvage your dish! It dependes on what kind of dish you are cooking, however if you wish to be taught some helpful cooking hacks for fixing burnt meals, learn on!


When you burn steak or any meat over a grill or on the pan due to excessive flames, likelihood is the within is underdone. What you are able to do is to sear the meat in a pan (ideally oven-proof) then transfer it into your oven (300F) till cooked via.

When you’re cooking meat to place in a stew or soup and it begins to burn, cease cooking. Wash the pan earlier than cooking the meat once more or prepare dinner the meat in a wholly totally different pan.


When you steam or boil produce too lengthy, drain them and plunge them into ice water in a bowl. This stops the cooking course of. After a couple of minutes, drain once more.

If greens are means overcooked, you possibly can nonetheless use them for different dishes! Overcooked greens could be pureed, broiled with butter or cheese, or frozen for use later for soup or gravy.

Rice, pasta or potatoes

Carbs like rice, pasta and potatoes prepare dinner shortly that is why they’re very simple to overcook, even in the event you simply left them for a few minutes. When you overcook rice, place it in a strainer, rinse and drain properly to take away the stickiness. If this does not work, you possibly can flip it into fried rice.

For soggy pasta and potatoes, simply allow them to dry then fry them within the pan with some butter, olive oil and plenty of seasoning. You too can repurpose the pasta by baking it into casseroles and as for the potatoes, they’re good for frittatas or omelettes.

Soups and Sauces

When you understand that you simply’re soup or sauce is burning, flip off the burner instantly. Usually, liquids will solely have the underside burnt, so don’t scrape the underside a part of the pan and simply switch the soup or sauce in a unique pan or pot to proceed cooking.

Throwing away burnt or overcooked meals must be your final resort. Salvage what you possibly can and simply repurpose the meals into one other dish! Comply with these 4 superior cooking hacks for fixing burnt meals.

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